Advances and Controversies in Nutrition and Diabetes

2021 represents the 100th anniversary since the discovery of insulin! In recognition of this amazing milesone, CNS has established its 2021 Thematic Conference to focus on the important topic of nutrition and diabetes.

This conference will explore advances and controversies in the nutritional management of diabetes through exposure to research and practice perspectives. It will use a synchronous remote approach that will include two 4.5 hours sessions over two days.  

By attending this conference, attendees will:

  1. Understand the history and evolution of the nutritional management of diabetes, with knowledge and direction on current recommendations and best practices;
  2. Learn about the role of the ketogenic diet in diabetes management and prevention;
  3. Recognize the importance of cultural diversity in delivering appropriate nutritional care for those living with diabetes, and learn about culturally appropriate approaches for diabetes management;
  4. Become aware of the behavioural aspects of dietary adherence to nutrition recommendations for diabetes and effective strategies to address them.

The 2021 Thematic Conference will be held virtually; conference access will be provided to registered and confirmed attendees. Virtual conference delegates will be able to participate in a "real time" experience, including asking questions of the speakers, participating in chats and virtual poster expositions, and exploring sponsor and exhibitor booths and pages.

Attendees will also receive a certificate of participation.